Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Morgan Silver Dollar and Investment Trends

Morgan dollar is the coin that was minted in the 18th century in United States of America. The coin was named after its designer George T. Morgan. The obverse side of the coin has the image of lady liberty and the reverse side has an American eagle on olive branch. This widely known coin used to get minted in three mints that were in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson City. The Morgan silver dollar coin weighs approximately 27g having a diameter of 38.1mm. The coin’s composition was 90% silver and 10% copper. If we dig deep we will find that the coin’s history has been divided into two phases. Phase I was from 1878 to 1904 and the other phase that starts from 1921 on-wards.

The coin has traveled through the time and still holds the similar charm! There are many admirers of this coin who have a fine collection of this antique coin. The newly emerging trends in investment industry are now shifting towards new commodities. This new commodity includes precious metals especially silver, which is fast gaining popularity and so does the Morgan dollar coin. The coin is evaluated in following three categories in trading business namely ‘Good’, ‘Fine’ and ‘Extremely fine’. The cost of the coin depends on the quality of the coin. This process of close inspection is termed as PCGS grading. This system is used to determine the authenticity and condition of coin in order to mark its price accordingly.

These changing trends in investment industry are making people search for new option to invest in. Precious metals investment is emerging as a popular trend. Morgan silver dollar gets an edge in this situation. Morgan coins are the most popular coins ever minted in the history of coins worldwide! Investment in Morgan Silver dollar is a smart choice as silver is gaining strength in market and is considered as lucrative commodity by the investors.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

What are the Procedures for Determining How Much Silver is in a Silver Dollar

Silver coins are always considered to be a prized possession. This asset is valuable, and depending on it rarity, condition and various other parameters, it can be a good means to make some quick bucks. When it comes to determining the value of your silver coin, here are some procedures that can help you ascertain the quantity of silver in the coin.

First and the foremost thing to do in this regard is to determine the melt value of your coin. Using numismatic scale or coin scale as it is commonly know, can help you determine the exact weight of silver coin.

Once you are done weighing and scaling your coin on numismatic scale, research about the prevalent silver prices in the market. As silver is a traded commodity, its prices can vary sharply from one moment to another. When its about determining how much silver is in a silver dollar, major business media websites can help you with the exact prices.

Another way of discovering the value of silver dollar, is to look for the year in which the coin was minted. There are variety of US silver coins that range from most common to least valuable in general. The varieties of silver dollar include Bust dollars, Seated Liberty dollars, Morgan silver dollars and Peace dollars.

The last step of determining how much silver is in a silver dollar, is to ascertain the condition and market value of the coin. Examining the coin carefully while using a guide available on net, will easily help you determine the exact value of your silver coins accurately.

After you have followed the steps given above, all that’s left for you is to verify the prices with latest updated price guide for silver coins. Once you have the final value of silver dollar in your possession, go to a few coin dealers and get the best possible price. A few extra dollars in wallet is always fun! Isn’t it?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How Much Silver is in a Silver Dollar- Determine the Value of Your Coins

Silver is a trustworthy investment which in lieu of gold gained more populace among individual investors. The fluctuating stock market is a reason why people have shifted their interests from gold to silver. Though the value of silver is not closer to that of gold, but it is definitely far better and stable than gold. To determine an approx value of your coin, it is essential for you to understand its role in the market. Have an eye on the prices of the coins and keep on reading the updates from any genuine company.

Considering the fact that silver coins are one very endearing investment for many individuals who wish to secure their future. Dealers know the value of coins and regularly make efforts to buy coins from varied sellers. What he will pay you can tell the exact worth of your dollar. While buying a silver coins make sure you have that basic understanding about market and the trend of silver. Just read to know how you can know what is the value of your coin.
  • keep a regular check on the fluctuating market. Price of silver keeps on changing with the market trends.
  • While investing know the percentage of the silver in your coin.
  • Calculation becomes easier when you are acquainted with your coin.
  • You can even check the value of your coin from varied online sites, which provide calculated answers.
  • Awareness about silver, its updates and trends are easily available online. You will have to make efforts in finding a genuine one.
  • Dealers can as well provide you the information regarding the price and value of your silver coin.
There is no single way that can help you understand how much silver is in a silver dollar. Each coin has its own worth, which you can receive from varied people, be it from a dealer, a buyer or any genuine online portal.  

Friday, 3 April 2015

How to Find Silver Coins for Sales?

Some added advantages prove to be life savers or assets for future usage. Gold was considered to be one such precious metal on which people invested to secure their future. But with raging prices of this metal it was very difficult for all to afford it. In lieu of finding an alternative people opted to invest in silver and other precious metals. Silver owns a value that is positively impacted by its 'monetary utility' and its worth is based on the number of investments and 'industrial demands'. These unique aspects of silver make it one among the safest and affordable contribution one can make for their future. 

There are numerous choices for you, where you can easily find Silver Coins for Sales. 


Silver is gaining immense popularity among small companies, big business houses and industries. Its a high tech world and many online portals have made it easier for the customers to get silver easily. You can gain knowledge and understand every minute detail of investing in this precious metal with the help of such online portals.   

Coin Shops:

Silver coins can be bought from any local coin shop that will not only add to your collection but also will have you maintain a relationship in the industry. This will lighten your burden to buy silver coins.

Garage Sale:

Garage sales are the best place to hunt for some antique silver coins at some affordable prices. These sales take place throughout the year where you would not only enjoy shopping but also hunting for some precious coins.
Silver Coins for Sales
 Antique Stores:

There are many antique stores which keep a variety of valuable coins in stock so as to lend you a chance to invest your money in good. They have numerous options of rare and historically important coins which will prove to be a safe investment for your future.

Reputed dealers:

You are looking for easy ways to find silver coins then nothing could be better than a reliable dealer for you. They can be trusted for the variety and value of the silver coins. They can lend you some worthy and affordable Silver Coins for Sales.