Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Morgan Silver Dollar and Investment Trends

Morgan dollar is the coin that was minted in the 18th century in United States of America. The coin was named after its designer George T. Morgan. The obverse side of the coin has the image of lady liberty and the reverse side has an American eagle on olive branch. This widely known coin used to get minted in three mints that were in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson City. The Morgan silver dollar coin weighs approximately 27g having a diameter of 38.1mm. The coin’s composition was 90% silver and 10% copper. If we dig deep we will find that the coin’s history has been divided into two phases. Phase I was from 1878 to 1904 and the other phase that starts from 1921 on-wards.

The coin has traveled through the time and still holds the similar charm! There are many admirers of this coin who have a fine collection of this antique coin. The newly emerging trends in investment industry are now shifting towards new commodities. This new commodity includes precious metals especially silver, which is fast gaining popularity and so does the Morgan dollar coin. The coin is evaluated in following three categories in trading business namely ‘Good’, ‘Fine’ and ‘Extremely fine’. The cost of the coin depends on the quality of the coin. This process of close inspection is termed as PCGS grading. This system is used to determine the authenticity and condition of coin in order to mark its price accordingly.

These changing trends in investment industry are making people search for new option to invest in. Precious metals investment is emerging as a popular trend. Morgan silver dollar gets an edge in this situation. Morgan coins are the most popular coins ever minted in the history of coins worldwide! Investment in Morgan Silver dollar is a smart choice as silver is gaining strength in market and is considered as lucrative commodity by the investors.